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Michelle Kozel, DVM

Veterinary Relief Services

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Thomas Cannavo

Wealth Manager Attorney

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Robinson Tax Service

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$22,108 raised!



Virginia Myers-Parks

Katherine Pearce

Tom Biamonte

David & Julie Smith

Raymond & Sharon Woodward

Nicholas & Lori Crassi

Nolan Baker: "Awesome job and cause, Jay!"

JAMAS Enterprises

Eve Quick

Ric & Jean Weber

Karen Bassano

Anonymous: "Thank you, Jay, for raising awareness of this need."

Samantha J. Main 

Tina Anello: "Amazing achievement, Jay! Thank you for your loyalty and perseverance."

TJ Finley: "The people of Rosalia, Kansas thank you for supporting the men, women, and families that have served our nation."

Robin Currie

26 Shirts

Dawn Lewis

Laura Cooley

Vivian Gerard: "Beautiful cause. Thanks for your sweet dedication to the families."


Joan Wilkinson

Linda Becraft, TABR trail angel 

Don, Callie, & Kathryn Fachko: "GREAT JOB, JAY!!! You really showed your skills and patriotism. There needs to be more dedicated people in this world like you. You are truly an inspiration to all!!!"

Denise Nostrom | Diversified Financial Solutions: "Amazing journey, Jay! You are a great man!!"

Judy & Bob Walcyzk

Marty Antholzner"Great ride, Jay! Great cause."

Tim Brown


Dave & Carolyn Colburn, Red & Duey"Go, J Bird! Fantastic Effort and cause. Come back and see us when you rest up."

JAMAS Enterprises

Trail Angel for Jay Blanchard

Mary & Bob Griffiths


Kevin & Ginny Zeis

Jeff Boron

Tammy Bartlett Olis: "Thank you for taking on this challenge for such a worthy cause."

David Healy

Anonymous: "RMR member." 

Mary Ann & Dan Posluszny

Pete Weaver: "In memory of Jean Weaver."

Jim Talley

The Phelps Family"Truly inspiring, Jay!"

Peak Brokerage Services: "In memory of Daniel A. Farchione."

Raymond & Sharon Woodward


Harry Boggs

Joe & Lucille Keller"Jay, you're the best!"

Nicholas & Lori Crassi

Harvey & Beverly Sprout

Todd Lashway & Family: "In memory of Dr. Harold Lashway, Worl War II Marine."

Carl Matthias

Ronald & Betty Reimer

Patricia McIntosh: "Amazing job, Jay!!"

Samantha Read: "In memory of Spc. Preston Jones. My hero! I miss you and love you more than words can say."

Elizabeth Blanchard-Fogarty: "Proud of you, brother!"

Richard Thomas

The Neil Family Foundation: "Thank you for your strong commitment to helping and serving others."

Brenda Reed

Jeanne Estep: "What an amazing thing for you to do, Jay. Wishing you a safe and healthy ride! We will be following you on this journey!"

Janelle Kroening: "I'm praying God gives you strength and endurance to complete this ride. What an honorable mission you are on!"

Gina Gray

Karen Kirst: "In honor of those who made the ultimate sacrifice."

Anonymous: "In honor of NYSP Trooper William P. Keane."

Debbie Welsh: "In memory of Brett Niles."

Ann Grundner

Karen Wierzbowski

Marilou Peters

Sharie Loretz

Ralph Basile

Tom Alford

Gillen Expert Auto Inc.: "Go, Jay!"

Samantha Main 

Paul & Marsha Converso: "Jay is in our thoughts and prayers."

Albert & Janet Pangborn

Dennis & Rita Radder

Glenda Ott

Clifford & Lynn Merkle

James & Jan Lisinski

Tom & Laurie Machamer

Western Division FCU

Bonnie Smith

David & Elaine Gromek

Vic Steuber: "I talked with Jay leaving Sisters, Oregon... Want to give to this great cause."

Debbie & Jerry Landowski

John Thur

Henry & Carol Gasinski

Paul & Georgiana Napier

Brett Axton

Rocky Mountain Roosters

Debby & Andy Szajta

Joe & Nicolette Wilson

Meri Harris

Hal Harris


Laura Kennedy: "A great cause. Jay! Can't wait to hear about this adventure!"

The Waldron Family

Mary Adragna

Esther Myers

Mark Willard

Julie & Michael Hanley: "I wish you the very best."

The Daenzers: "Safe journey, Jay!"

Shirely Linnenbank: "Jay, I will be keeping you in my prayers during your ride. What a wonderful way to see our country and for a very good cause, too!"

Michele & Dave Sweeney: "Good luck and stay safe!"

Bridget O'Brien Wood: "God luck! Will pray for a successful and safe ride!"

Scott Willis

Jacqueline Jemiolo: "Good luck, Jay! Have a wonderful adventure!"

Jack & Marge Zobrist: "May God bless you and keep you safe all the way."

Amanda McCormick

Jeff & Holly Horwath

Sandra Grunzweig: "Good luck, Jay!"

Elfriede Kamm

Peak Brokerage Services, LLC

Gregory Haberstro: "Ride safe!" 

Frank & Dannielle Lanciano: "Have a safe trip. Thanks for your good work."

Top Advisors Group: "Tribute to George 'Bud' Whitten, James Llyod Jones, and Dale McCallum."

Randy Feinen: "I pray that you are able to bring some measure of peace to these heroes. They have sacrificed more than anyone should have to. Please know that most Americans have more gratitude than you could ever know. Peace be with you."

Peter Coblentz



Denise Nostrom: "What an amazing thing to do!! You are the best!! Have a great ride!!"

John Penna

Thomas & Leslie Dugan

Janice Parent

Frank Solitz

Morry Materise

Dave Savini: "Good luck, Jay!"

Karen Olson

Diana Janeczko

Scott & Angela Miner: "All the best, Jay, on this tremendous endeavor for an amazing cause."

Jim Kunz

Brian Cuthbert

Scott Mansfield

Poster Art, Inc.: Buffalo, NY

Julie Bradley: "A great cause. Thank you, Jay."

Paul & Carolyn Zdolinski

Paul Cain

Heather Buchman

Mike Zimmer

Mike Hoeflich

Kathy King: "Great thing you are doing, Jay!"

The Gondek Family

Ron Waskow

John Haberstro: "Ride strong!"

Richard Arlen: "Great cause, Jay. My heart goes out to those who have lost a loved one and the heroes that make the ultimate sacrifice. I could not imagine the heartbreak."

Sandra Maslen

Dennis & Patti McCauley: "In memory of our fathers who were veterans."

Daniel Neiman

Schulze Vineyards & Winery

Paula's Donuts 

Jay & Donna Andrews

Mark Blajszczak

Angela Christopher

Don & Tina Schmidt

Kathy & Rick Shiah

Barbara Carlson: "In memory of Patricia Carlson." 

Chris & Kris Banach

Timothy Doyle

Florence Doyle

J. Bonnett

Matthew Peters

Kenneth & Sandra King

Pete Weaver: "In memory of Jean Weaver."

Nancy Hart

Larry & Kathy Ratajczak: "Thank you to all who have made the ultimate sacrifice."

The Sherleys 

Ron Reinstein 

Lorna Czarnota: "On behalf of my parents: my dad who served and returned home. I am proud and happy to be part of this worthy cause." 

Kevin Steele: "Great cause, Jay! I'll be rooting for your TABR dot from Syracuse!"

Financial Investment Team, Diana Harrison

Nancy Gralik

The Financial Guys 

Regina Rudnick


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