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Sponsors: inquire how to put your logo here!

Learn about TWO ways to give!

1. Donors

Every donor dollar raised throughout the Ride 4 Widows fundraiser will be donated to The American Widow Project (AWP). Donations made to AWP are tax deductible. If you are 70.5  years old or older and have Required Minimum Distributions, you can donate all or part of your RMD and pay no tax. 

Dawn Robinson, Tax Expert

Your donations will help to expand AWP's outreach programs, sponsor a widow's attendance to events by alleviating worry about financial costs, disperse AWP kits to all military widows, and provide a multitude of resources to encourage a healing journey for widows. Whether your donation is big or small, it will empower military widows to adapt and overcome the tragedy they are facing. 

You can change a military widow's life and become a hero by supporting this fundraiser today.

If you would like to make a donation in the form of a check instead of giving on CrowdRise, write out a check to The American Widow Project and mail to: 


The Financial Guys 

Jay Blanchard 

6631 Main Street 

Williamsville, NY 14221

2. Sponsors

Race sponsorships are available for companies and individuals that want to allow access to their funds or to donate equipment in direct support of the race. These funds will be used for marketing, travel to the race starting point, food and lodging along the race course, and equipment. These donations are not tax deductible for individuals, but are a write-off  expense for businesses. Receipts will be provided. 

Sponsors can donate funds in the form of a check or equipment, services, gear, and more. 


Should the race costs be covered (estimated at approximately $4,500), all excess funds will be discharged to the American Widow Project. 

We are also looking for help with our marketing. If you would like to help us with a monetary sponsorship or by spreading the word via your social media or email lists, please contact us. Jay has paid out of pocket for a large portion of the marketing planning, materials, and media. 

The Ride 4 Widows award levels are as follows: 

1. Purple Heart: $10,000+

2.Platinum Sponsor: $3,000-$9,999

3. Gold Sponsor: $1,000-$2,999

4. Silver Sponsor: $500-$999

5. Bronze Sponsor: Less than $500 

Ride 4 Widows Fundraiser Logo
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